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All members and guests (adults and children) are expected to dress in good taste with proper golf, tennis or dining attire at all times.

Proper GOLF attire for men and women DOES NOT include:
  • Denim shorts, pants or jeans
  • Shirts lacking both collar and sleeves
  • Tank Tops
  • Loud tee shirts
  • Short shorts (above Bermuda Length)
  • Swimsuits
  • Tennis Clothing
  • Inappropriate footwear or bare feet

Proper TENNIS attire for men, women and children INCLUDES the following:

  • Proper Tennis Clothing only (no gym shorts or loud tee shirts)
  • Smooth soled sneakers (no bare feet)
  • All-white recommended; 50% white acceptable
  • All-white during finals of club championship tournaments

Proper DINING attire includes the following:
    LUNCH Attire:

  • Appropriate tennis, golf or stylish attire, collared shirts for gentlemen, no jeans or tee shirts

    FAMILY Night/FRIDAY Night & WEST DECK Dinners:

  • Country Club Casual; collared shirts for gentlemen; no jeans


  •  Stylish casual wear for women; creased long or short pants and collared shirt for gentlemen.  Sports jacket recommended, but not required; no jeans


  • Stylish casual wear for women; creased long pants and collared shirt for gentlemen.  Sports jacket required and wearing of tie encouraged; no jeans                     

Failure to adhere to these rules will result in being asked to change your attire or leave the facility.

Acoaxet Club
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